Source Furniture

Iconic Side Table (Small)
- Frame
bronze age
tex gray
tex black
tex bronze
kessler silver
midnight blue
champagne tex
tex white
hammer black
airship grey
terra pewter tex
blue hawaiian river
cherry fizz
eminent ripple
sunrise river
grey black vein
splatter emerald
splatter copper
lakeview beige
hana green
red silver
lemon silver
avocado copper

• Powder Coated Aluminum Frame. All Powder Coating options available.  

• Porcelain Table Top Inserts. All Porcelain options are available.

Sku: SF-3217-301
Width: 18”
Depth: 18”
Height: 20”
NOTE: Dimensions may vary by up to an inch. Weights are an estimate and for reference only.